Game 3 Wings at Ducks

I missed the last game but I guess I didn't miss anything. The first game I was at the bar, couldn't hear a damn thing. Then I was out of town helping a sister move. Since tonight's game is so late I get to watch the game real time.

My prediction is 5-3 Red Wings.

End of first period Salanne scored with a beautiful lead pass. Pretty much a break away pass barely beating Chelios.

2-1 Zetterburg scores one for the wings.

Wisnewski gets injured in the ribs Pavel Datsyuk shot then gets elbowed by Holmstrom. I hope he is alright

The third period is looking a lot more like the Red Wings!
Pavel Datsyuk with terrific passes. Dan Cleary looking good all game.

Osgood and Helm are doing well this game too. Hossa looking like he usually does pulling off moves that are intense for the other team.

Chelios draws 2 penalties! Hopefully The Red Wings can score with this chance?

Why is there not a review?

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1Green Thumb said...

Is it just me or are the refs getting worse and worse as the playoffs go on.... The better team didn't win this one folks and its all because of the refs... way to go buddy!

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