5-2 Win The Mighty Ducks Vs. The Red Wings

Datsyuk has at least 49 points the last 30 games.
Goals include Cleary,Datsyuk,Zetterburg,Frazens goal was unassisted. Draper with the final goal, just as #35 Giguere on the was about to leave the net. 11 seconds left in the game Draper gets the puck and within about 4 seconds time, Draper gets a break away and takes a slap shot just above the face off circles and scores glove side.
Conklin 11 straight wins at the Joe Louis Arena.
On that note Osgood is temporarially in the minors so Jimmy Howard gets a chance to show his stuff tomorrow at the Minnesotas The Wild at 8:00 P.M.

Red Wings with 36 goals in the last 7 games.

Datsyuk with a really good move even though he didn't score on it.

27 sec

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