Red Wings Vs. Bluejackets

I think Pavel Datsyuk had possibly one of the greatest nights in his hockey career so far. Being against the rookie goalie Steve Mason, Pavel Datsyuk seemed determined all night just to score on him. Once Datsyuk did score though he didn't settle down. Mason held out as long as he could but ended giving up 2 goals in the third. The second goal was by Hossa very soon after Datsyuks goal. In the end, Datsyuk made it even better after breaking his stick he kicks the puck to Zetterburg for an open net to further their win. Datsyuk was really beyond himself stealing,scoring,assisting and entertaining the crowd with his unbelievable moves.
I believe Pavel has 33 points in 29 games.
I could be wrong about that?
In my Opinion, The Players of the game are Datsyuk,Ty Conklin,Marian Hossa,Zetterburg,Hudler,Samuelson,Filppula,Cleary.

3 - 0 Red Wings win it!
Highlights below

3 minutes 38 sec

This game was on home ice at Joe Louis Arena for the Red wings.

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