3 -2 Loss To The Columbus Bluejackets Vs. Red Wings

I'm not sure I agree with Nicklas Lidstrom and Pavel Datsyuk having to take the day off just because they missed the All Star game. I for one didn't even watch the All Star game? I did not know however that it was punishable to players that didn't show up to the All Star game?
Watching the game last night was sort of boring and to the people around me last night were saying the same thing. Without Pavel Datsyuk the game was not as exciting for me to watch. He's made me a little spoiled I guess.
Apparently Rick Nash was on his game though last night. Scoring all 3 goals to win it and to add another hat-trick to his career making it 3 hat-tricks in all.
There is no doubt that if Datsyuk and Lidstrom were playing the game would have been very different.
I have to give it up to Marian Hossa for player of the game, an outstanding performance last night. Scored 1 goal and nearly 3 more. Brett Lebda with one goal also good to see. An overtime loss but we can't win all the time.

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