8-3 Red Wings Vs. Edmonton

Pavels 5th season in a row with over 20 goals. Still looking good making very few mistakes. Even when he does he ends up usually stealing the puck back.
Roloson with a cheap shot hitting Cleary in the family jewels! I think he deserved to be kicked out of the game for that. If Avery can get in trouble for saying a few measly words than Roloson should of gotten some sort of punishment rather than a little penalty.
Unfortunately I only saw the first period but I think the Wings pretty much were going to win the game.
5 goals in the first period a record this season for them.


I finally got time to see the rest of this game and what a spectacular game it was. 8-3 Rafalski,Lebda,Cleary,Datsyuk,Hossa,Sameulson,Leino and Hudler scored a goal!
Here are the highlights even though a part of it repeats itself?

5 minutes 30 sec

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