San Jose Vs. Detroit

1st period
Hossa with a goal through the five hole. Then Leino with a slap rebound out of the air after it flipped to him.
No goal it looked dangerous for the red wings but instead 2-0 red wings winning at the end of the first period.
(I watch it after it has recorded)

2nd period
Thorton instantly gos to the box.
Tripping no call you've got to like that.
Hossa doing his thing playing very well.

I personally thought Hudler might score this game? Everyone around me picked someone else to score.
Penaltey against us Datsyuk "Lady bing" for too long but that gave Zetterburg the chance to show his stuff by doing a spectacular spin after getting hooked badly.
Great pressure by Detroit in the second period.
Another power play!
Out of control...

499 career points this game total for Pavel Datsyuk. He just needs one more and I think he might surpass even that 500 point.

Hossa double teamed and checked horribly. Seemed kind of ruthless to me.

Rafalski rides that blue lie like a champ!
Datsyuk tries for his 500th with a good chance around 4:30 minutes. Datsyuk with a lot of hits this game and it's only the second period.

The birthday ages intrigued me a bit. All multiples of 9?

3rd period
Hossa might not come back in this game?

Did Murphy get speared? Thats what I was wondering.

(Hossa is not comming back this game hopefully next game)
Great play by Datsyuk around 8 minutes in kicking it to a teammate.

Ty Conklin looking good enough to start in the playoffs.
3-1 so far in the third. There is 6:00 minutes left.
3:36 left Boyle gets upset and retaliates against Datsyuk.
Of course Datsyuk draws the penalty.

Zetterburg sores like he likes to a lot of the time, from behind the net!
Making it 500 points with the assist from Datsyuk like I knew he would somehow.

The back pass by by Datsyuk around 1:30 minutes left was definitely worth seeing.
4-1 Red Wings win it!

Ty Conklin has a 12 game winning streak at home.

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