Wings at Anaheim Game 4

Wings down 2-1 in the series. It would be nice for the Red Wings to win this game and tie the series.

Pronger assists Corey Perry early in the game(which I missed).Yohan Franzen scores assisted by Filppula and Ericsson. Frazen scores again with a perfect b-line deflection assisted by Kronwall. I don't care what the commentators say Yohan Franzen has to world class goals.

2-1 Red wings now have the lead!

Perry scores again to tie the game at 2-2.

Marian Hossa regains the lead for the Red Wings assisted by Franzen. 3-2

Hossa scores again assisted by Lidstrom and Filppula making it 4-2.
That's three players between the two teams that have scored two goals each.

Third period Mikael Samuelsson changes that by scoring a ripping wrist shot which makes Anaheim change their goalie. Giguere goes in for Hiller.
Just over 17 minutes left in the period.

Scott Niedeimier scores to make it 5-3

Not much of a fight between Kopecky after that but still good to see.

Octopy on the ice, Pronger slaps it in disgust...

They choose to have an extra player with an open net just under 3 minutes left. Zetterberg though takes advantage of this and gets the open netter unassisted.
The "Ozzy" chant started and that must make Chris Osgood feel great.

I appreciate versus making it so I missed the beginning of the game. If you cannot tell I'm being sarcastic! You would think living in Michigan I would be able to watch my home team. Even our antenna for the Canadian Channel was showing the Chicago game. Instead we had to resort to the radio.

It finally started 8 minutes in. Thanks Dish Network, you really do suck!!!
What a crock of s***!

Great game though...

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