"Now, it’s up to him" Babcock says

From what I can gather Pavel Datsyuk is unlikely to play once again in the Stanley Cup Finals. Mike Babcock says "They had another look at him today and everything seems to be fine. Now, it’s up to him."  Being up 2 games why chance it. Chris Draper is well but will sit this one out, unless he is needed.
Why fix something that isn't broken I guess.
Here is a video of some of Datsyuk's best plays along with some footage practicing I have not seen so I hope you enjoy!

2 minutes 52 seconds


1Green Thumb said...

Draper is in the lineup for Sammie tonight... Not sure what's wrong with #27, but I hope it's nothing serious... Go Wings!!!

1Green Thumb said...

BTW that was a sweet video...

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