The Pitts At Joe Louis Lose Game 2 In The Finals Against The Red Wings

Ericson scored from practically from the blue line while Helm screened Fleury.
Filppula scoring a magnificent backhand thanks to Holmstrom giving Fleury plenty of problems.
Abdelkader scores a goal while 4 of his teammates are making a change, his second goal of the playoffs.
Heres Zetterberg getting a little crap from Malkin.

2 minutes 8 seconds
Helm looking fantastic stepping up very nicely!
Wings up 2 games in the finals. Here are all the highlights from Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals Red Wings Vs. Penguins!

Here is highlights of the Wings and the teams they had to face on their way to the Finals for the cup.

Still no word on Pavel Datsyuk?

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