Not Looking So Hot

The Red Wings just can't seem to pull out a win with seven key players out with injuries. Two shut outs in a row against the Chicago Blackhawks. 4 in the last 14 games this year. It hasn't been that bad since 1958-1959 season! Although the players who have stepped up to take their places in my mind, are not bad players they simply need to find their place on the team. Pavel Datsyuk this year cannot seem to find the back of the net but is doing very well in takeaways and is leading the league in that category. It seems to me that the players rely on Pavel Datsyuk a little too much sending him half ass passes and assuming he will take it in by himself. Which in a lot of cases he will but they can't expect him to do that every night. The Red Wings need better passes, more hits, and quality shots. They miss the net continuously not excluding Datsyuk either. To sum it up The Red Wings are in a bit of a slump but I think they will find their way out of it into the next year of this season.

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