The Pitts Looking Pitiful Vs. Red Wings In Game 5

Datsyuk is back and it's obvious!
Rafalski with a great pass up the ice to Pavel Datsyuk who crossed it over to Cleary. Cleary beats Fleury with a shot through the legs of a defenseman and just underneath glove of Fluery.1-0
End of the first period.
Beginning of the Second Period Datsyuk with awesome moves almost scores again. Shortly there after...
Osgood pass from behind his own net to Hossa who received the pass at the far blue line assisted to Filppula who just got off the bench and backhands it in. 2-0
Kronwall scores through three of the Penguins looking like a forward going right in front of the net after receiving a behind the net pass from Franzen. 3-0

Rafalski scored, nice screen by Holmstrom Fleury never even saw it! 4-0 Great pass from Datsyuk getting his second assist in this game. Pavel Datsyuk playing as if he never left, even though he was gone for 18 games! It's great to have him back!
Samuelson passed back to Hudler who rifles a pass to Zetterberg who settles the pass and scores it top shelf. 5-0, in turn they pull Fluery to put in Gueiren their second string goalie.
Penguins much like other teams get desperate and dirty when the Red Wings make them look bad. Cheap shots on Zetterberg and Datsyuk were just plain unsportsmanlike! The Red Wings normally let other teams pay for being that way as they did tonight. #87 Crosby hacked Zetterberg and then #25 Talbot hacked Datsyuk trying to take out his recent injury!
Still 5-0 into the third period.
Mike Milbury during the second Intermission saying Datsyuk should sit out? Then he said and I quote "if your going to slash somebody, make it hurt for crying out loud!" What an a$$
The Pitts defeating themselves with their penalties all game.
Osgood with 15 career shutouts in the playoffs!

Final 5-0

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