Red Wings Win 2-1 In Overtime!!!

Cleary scores at 13:52 left in the third.

Patrick Kane Score to tie the game with a awesome backhand after he took it up the ice beating at least 3 Red Wings to do so.
Darren Helm (Which was my original pick before the game) deterring the Chicago Blackhawks for at least 25 seconds during a penalty kill in the third period.
It goes into overtime but Darren Helm slams in the Thomas Holmstrom shot home where it belong, in the net!!!! Let's go Red Wings!!! On to the finals again!!!

The end of the game, 8 minutes 34 seconds


Miss Ng said...

thanks for sharing!

i just added video for Cantonese - Dragon Boat Festival --->

1Green Thumb said...

What exactly does this have to do with the Red Wings winning the Western Conference? This is what I hate about blogger is spammers like u... Go to SEO school and leave us alone...

The Legends Of Red Wing Hockey