Game 7 Anaheim at Red Wings Joe Louis Arena

On a bit of delay so please bare with me...

Henrik Zettergerg and Yohan Franzen assisted with a great pass out front for Yiri Hudler to deflect it perfectly over Hiller's glove(which is on his right). 1-0Darren Helm beats Hiller's blocker side on a very fast breakaway. Spectacular speed!Salanne gets an impressive goal pulling it from behind the net to dump it in. First goal for the Ducks 2-1

Filppula great effort passes to Datsyuk who takes a shot but then gets his rebound behind the net, centers it to Samuelson who scores 3-1.
Perry scores on a terrible penalty call the score is now 3-2

After two periods of play the Red Wings have 25 shots and the Ducks have 20.

Bring on the Third Period!

Bobby Ryan scores but Rob Neidimeier's stick was in the way which messed which Ericson behind the net.

Dan Cleary scores the winning goal which amongst friends was my pick. Great Game

Final 4-3 Red Wings Win game seven!!!!!!!!!

Darren Helm says "That was too close!"

Here are all the highlights from Game 7 Ducks Vs. Wings...

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1Green Thumb said...

What a game!!!! I hope the next one against Chicago is just as exciting!!!

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