Detroit Red Wings at Columbus Blue Jackets Game 3

Thomas Holmstrom steals the puck passes it across ice to Marion Hossa who backhands it off the cross bar the puck comes out behind Steve Mason. Then Holmstrom follows up to send it on home stuffing it into the net.
About 46 seconds left in the the first period Dan Cleary scores a spectacular spin around out in front of the net. Assisted by Yohan Franzen and Brian Rafalski.
Red Wings looking great on the power play kills so far during the playoffs. Osgood also looking great these playoffs . He really seems to be stepping it up being solid in net.
Of course theres always penaltys that should have been called but were not.
About 13:30 left in the second period Brian Rafalski got a punch in the face as he was checked into the boards by #20. Nothing was said about it and no call was made.

Brad Stuart with a clean check on RJ Umberger. He hit Umberger real hard. Umberger spun around and fell to the ice. Slow to get up he left to the locker room.
"Lets see that again!!!" RJ Umberger

1 minute 34 seconds
Shortly after Dan Cleary makes an ass of Mike Commadore by evading a backcheck resulting in Commadore going backwards into the Red Wings bench. Marion Hossa got a kick out of it, with a wide grin.
"Mike Commadore Benched"

1 minute 1 second
Franzen gets knocked down distracting the Blue Jackets while passing it to Dan Cleary who centers it from behind the net to Henrik Zetterburg who scores his second goal of the playoffs. 3-0 Red wings dominating the Blue Jackets.
RJ Umberger somewhat redeeming himself by scoring one goal making it 3-1.
Zetterberg scores an easy open netter 2nd goal of the night making it a final of 4-1.


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