St. Louis Vs. Red Wings

Unfortunately Hossa got injured again but hopefully he comes back soon.
Ken Janssen and Robert Downey go at it fighting about 9 minutes 43 seconds into the first period. They actually fought for 1 minute 50 seconds possibly the longest fight I've seen in hockey.

Good stuff.
Thomas Kopecky scoring a short handed goal making it 1-0 so far Red Wings. Datsyuk assist after a great steal.
Zetterburg scores in the second making it 2-0. Assisted by Datsyuk and Franzen.
Draper scores assisted by Jonathan Erickson and Kopeckey.3-0
Kronwall scores 4-0.
Valteri Fillpula scores after a 19 game streak with no goals.
His second goal in the past 33 games, 7 goals all together. So Fillpula needed that one making it 5-0.
It sounds like Hossa maybe alright?

Here are some of the highlights...

3 minutes 47 seconds

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