Red Wings Vs. Calgary Flames

Zetterburg,Samuelson,Lidstrom and Filppula score in that order making it 4-2 at the end of the 2nd period.
A total of 28 shots on goal in the first, a record this season in the NHL for most shots in a period.
With only a few minutes left the Calgary Flames score to make it 4-3.
Before I knew it it's 4-4 with 2 minutes left Red Wings still without a shot in the third period? Unbelievable, 3 goals in 2 minutes and 2 seconds for the Flames making it 5-4 with just over a minute to play?
Conklin leaves the net and Cleary ties it up 5-5.
I'm hoping it goes right past overtime and into a shootout personally.
Ty Conklin hoping to keep his 14 home game winning streak and of course wants to add one more to it. That would be 15 wins in a row.

Pavel Datsyuk scores his try in the Shootout. Zetterburg and Hudler with a really nice attempts but nothing came from it. Red Wings lose in Overtime 6-5.

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