Nashville at Detroit

Did anyone else notice this? After Mark Erat got injured, the begining of the second period they talk about these three players. The only problem withthat is Wade Belak Looks like Matthew Schnieder! Look to the last one on the right "Wade Belak"?This is what Wade Belak looks like below. Nothing like Matthew Schnieder believe me. This is a photo of Wade entertaining his daughter.This is Matthew Schnieder below.
About the game...
1-1 about half way through the game. It was nearly 2-1 but the goal was called off after the review.
Henrik Zetterburg scores his 30th goal of the season on a breakaway pass from Nicholas Lidstrom.
2-1 Samuelson scores assited by Pavel Datsyuk and Thomas Holmstrom.

Into the third period, things turn for the worse.
Suddenly it's 3-2 the Predators are winning!

3-3 Yohan Franzen scores to tie the game assisted by Pavel Datsyuk.

4-3 the Red Wings lose.
Entertaining yet upsetting, if your a wings fan.
Wheres the calls REF!

Pavel Datsyuk
Career stats
(GP)519 (G)169 (A)345 (Pts)516 (+/-)159 (PIM)137 (PPG)48 (PPA)142 (SHG)5 (SHA)2 (GW)24 (GT)1 (SOG)1143 (Pct).148

4 minutes 2 seconds

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