Islanders at Detroit Red Wings 3-27-2009

So far the Islanders seem pretty confident with their defense. 2-0 in the third period.
Pulled Osgood with little over a minute left giving me a heart attack from then on.

They especially liked winning against the Red Wings but we hardly ever see the Islanders? which makes it hard to judge how good of a team they really are.
Yes I admit... I watch mostly my home team but with over 80 games its hard to keep track of other teams.

Just unlucky, the puck wasn't going in for the Red Wings this time but it certainly hit the post enough.(Why that is not considered a shot is beyond me?)

3 minutes 28 seconds
Overall a good game though. Pavel Datsyuk with his tricky ways of playing, always keeps me watching closely. When Zetterburg got a shot off at the beginning of the game I thought it would be a high scoring game for the Red Wings. Unfortunately it did not turn out that way. Great goal tending by Joey Macdonald for the Islanders. He received a shut out. Wings lose 2-0.

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