Penguins Squeak Out A Game 5 Win

The Pittsburgh Penguins came out strong to get the first two goals of the game. One of the goals was actually shot in by Kronwall. Helm got the next goal right off of their defense men to make it 2-1 . Datsyuk comes back to hit the crossbar... it looked like everyone at Joe Lewis thought it was in, but no goal. 7 minutes into the 3rd period though he redirected in a shot to make it 2-2. Then Rafalski came up big and made it 3-2. The last minute of the 3rd period the Penguins came back to force an overtime.

In the first overtime the Red Wings carried the play but couldn't score. The refs attempted to give the Penguins a break as they gave them a very questionable call at a crucial time in the game... Very weak!

The second OT still didn't decide anything as the refs manged to call another goalie interference on the Red Wings. None the less no one scored and we headed on to the third overtime...

In a shocker the Penguins score in the 3rd overtime to keep their chances alive. We head to Pittsburgh for game 6...

Weighs 35 pounds whether it is in your hands or on the ice... Let's Go Red Wings!!!

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