As far as Pavel Datsyuk is concerned I would say continue doing a great job. He seems to manipulate the puck? His opponents and not to mention goalies are simply baffled by the way he can handle the puck. Dragging around the puck with very good accuarcy in passing and shooting. He is always stealing the puck! He's blowing away the compittion with ease.

Helping the other players look good, is what he really does best.
It's great that a player as good as Zetterburg, is on the team. Great combination when the Red Wings are put in a tight spot.

Franzen on a tear, in place of Holmstrom.
Cleary is back which is good. I think Hudler,Cleary and Phillpula should be on the same line. For some reason, I think they would do good playing on the same line. I have a lot of different theories though.

I cannot thank my contributor enough, for the pictures of Pavel's locker and championships on the walls. (i changed it a little.. hope u don't mind)Thank you 1Greenthumb! Nicely done.

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The Legends Of Red Wing Hockey