125 total take aways so far for Pavel Datsyuk. 49 more than Mike Modano in second place for take aways.
Datsyuk has 27th goal 82nd point.
Frazen looking good with 6 goals out of the last 5 games and Chelios as well.
Pronger and Kesler are known for playing dirty in the NHL as usual.
I'm not quite done watching the game DVR recorded. 2nd period...
Datsyuk just scored a goal. Datsyuk just won't quit.
He got checked and still comes up with the puck.

126 take aways for Pavel. End of the Second.

It makes easier for me to watch, when I can use slow motion and being able to skip commercials.
I see the Ref's make mistakes in detail and all the great plays.

127 take aways and then a goal at the start of the third period. Amazing!

8 point game streak! 7 goals and 4 assists.

Samuelson possibly unassisted off Robidas on the other team. He knocked it in after a great save from Turco.

100 points for 8 straight seasons for the Red Wings!
The longest playoff streak for any sport.

Lidstrom to Zetterburg to Fillpula for the open net to make it 5-3 Red Wings WIN.

Turco still has not won a game at the Joe Louis Arena?

A fantastic game for the Red Wings. Rarely an upset to watch.

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redwining said...

Datsyuk is +39 now in second place only behind Lidstrom at +41.

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