I was a little heated two games ago but I could not help myself. I of course, a Wings fan for too long...
So the last two games when Datsyuk played miraculously, I just cannot keep my mouth shut?
Only two days ago the Wings played the Blackhawks but Datsyuk got robbed from a goal.
Or so I thought?
As Datsyuk scored, the ref blew the whistle. As if he knew Datsyuk may score.
Where the problem lies, is why did the ref blow the whistle?
So the Wings end up losing in a shoot out. (Pavel did hit the post on his try)

Pavel and his team the Red Wings did win 4-2.
Datsyuk is a stealing master!
Pavel is always keeping the puck in play?

Draper got the empty netter at the end of the game, assisted by Datsyuk.
Chelios three rebounds the third a goal. Very impressive for his 1,550 games.
Chelios passing Alex Delvecchio by one, he played 1,549 games.
Samuelsson a great fake of a pass and then backhand, from behind the net type wraparound.
The wings look good to me!

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