With Zetterburg and Holmstrom out because of injuries the Red Wings had to play their best.
First goal by Datsyuk.
Frazen circling around the net with a impressive goal short side was the second.
Cleary's breakaway was the third goal, very good.
The puck can hit the linesman and the goal is inconclusive in the first period. But if the puck hits the ref otherwise the play continues?
It just so happens that the Wild scored, just after the puck hit the referee when the Wings tried to clear the puck.

Did you happen to catch the scoreboard jump? At about 14:17 3rd period from 3-1 Red Wings winning to Minnesota Wild scoring a goal making it 3-2? The puck was no where near the goal?
It even said it below the score, saying the Minnesota Wild scored?

The score remained 3-1 Red Wings...

Until Kopecky scores making it 4-1.

The Red Wings have the record this year for shots against "SA" The Wild over 51 over 19 shots.

Merry Christmas from some of the Red Wings...

43 sec

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