1rst period
Assist By Pavel to Kopecky Nice hit on Tootoo before the pass to Kopecky.
Filppula penalty shot scores making it 2-1.
2nd period
Suddenly there were 3 penalty's against Detroit in a row!
Dallas Drake got Cross Checked in the face for a penalty.
3rd period
The Red Wings with Chris Osgood (the best Goalie in the entire league right now)kept it at 2-1 the Final, against The Nashville Predators.

Over 51 take aways for Pavel now and 20 points in the last thirteen games.

The Red Wings play 17 games against Nashville this season, playing the night before they must feel a little fatigued?
Nashville does not play the night before though?

Do the Predators have the advantage, being fully rested these 17 games?

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Anonymous said...


Stumbled on your blog while surfing, and I have to say it's nice to find another die hard Pavel fan. This guy is absolutely amazing. On the ice, he's so shifty, clever and stylish...off the ice, he's one of the sweetest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.

Keep up the good work! And let's hope Pavel keeps the momentum going!

The Legends Of Red Wing Hockey