That was great! 5-0 Wings win.

3minutes 23 sec

I went to my bother-in-laws house, because I don't have the VS channel to watch the game.
He was skeptical about the Red Wings?
So I instantly tried to explain, that the Red Wings seemed to be the better of the two.
But after a win like this! He saw their potential and may have changed his mind about how they are going to do?

In these playoffs at least?

Holmstrom got hit by two Anaheim players from behind, Pronger and Niedermayer, both at the same time. Smashing his forehead into the boards with their arms high.
He looked like he was almost out cold, but came back to play the rest of the game. That part of course was not so great.
He had two cuts on his forehead.

44 sec
Pronger got only 1 game suspention for it!
Niedermayer got the 5 minute penalty for drawing blood.
But I think Pronger and Niedermayer should get in a little more trouble for that!

Holmstrom had 2 of the 5 goals against Anaheim.

Player of the game though goes to...
Second: Thomas Holmstrom
Third: Dan ClearyI picked Cleary because he seemed to be playing with all he's got, in this game and every game I see him in.


1Green Thumb said...

Thank god the NHL finally did something right by suspending Pronger. What a dirty hit!

The guy deserves more than a one game suspension! I was pretty pissed that Bertuzi didn't take him out or at least try, but I guess that shows you the class that the Detroit team really has. The not so mighty ducks on the other hand should be embarrassed as a hockey club, they totally lost it just like the flamers...

Piuta said...

This is great info to know.

The Legends Of Red Wing Hockey