Where were the refs?
It looked like a particular ref was in the way of the puck?
Which helped them to get one of their goals...?
Just horrible calling on some of the penalty's, even Mickey Redmond said it during the game?
He likes to call out the refs bad calls.
I like that about him, as a commentator he says what he thinks.
Which I'm thinking the same thing as him?
So, I'm glad someone is saying it!

2-1 loss

1-2 in this second round of the playoffs

(That last move by Datsyuk was awesome though!!)
Great moves by all the players at one point or another!

Cleary Great for a walk on!
And looking good!

Filppula I'm not sure I've talked about enough? (He's also a rising star like Datsyuk? That's what I say to my friends.)To name a couple...

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The Legends Of Red Wing Hockey