Datsyuk getting a little physical. Snieder said he likes to see him get a little physical during the game,in the first intermission against the Nashville Predators Saturday. I would have to agree.

But I don't want to see him get injured that's for sure.

The last two games were kind of an upset, but they can't win all the time.
Both games seemed similar, except the second one they didn't go into a shootout. Which is my favorite part, if it gets to that point.
Cleary I hear is out indefinitely. Bummer.

Williams not doing as well as expected but I think he will do well in the playoffs. I think he's better under pressure.
Lidstrom on a point gouging streak. Not to shabby.
Holmstrom on a tear in front of that net. Reminds me a little of Ciccarelli.
As a whole I think the Red Wings have a good chance to win the cup again. We'll see though?

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